HunTel Communications has the expertise to support your network cabling needs, whether you are adding a single workstation or installing a complete network distribution system. If you want a trouble-free network infrastructure, HunTel Communications is the company to call.

From start to finish

HunTel employs its own team of in-house Cabling Technicians and Engineers to provide the highest quality service while keeping costs low and delays to a minimum. As a result, we can handle any size order at any stage of development, from designing a completely new network for a Greenfield construction project to installing a dataport in a historic building. Before they leave the job, our technicians test every connection. In this way, we can be confident in the quality of the foundation for your voice and data traffic for the lifetime of all our products.

Fiber cabling solutions

HunTel Communications specializes in the design and installation of copper and fibre cabling solutions for backbone and horizontal distribution, wireless communication, and microwave systems. HunTel Communications will collaborate with you to design a system that meets your current bandwidth requirements.

Whether you are upgrading existing wiring or implementing a new system from the ground up, HunTel Communications has the technical knowledge, superior products and the installation experience required for your network to operate at peak efficiency and reliability.

Copper cable installations
Fiber optic cable installations
Coaxial cable installations
Wireless infrastructure
Horizontal distribution systems
Backbone distribution systems
Telecom rooms
Project management & consultation

HunTel engineering

HunTel Engineering is the premier service provider for design and management of telephony infrastructure projects, IP infrastructure projects, power projects, and anything else requiring wiring and cabling underground. Click here for information on design / implementation of wireless, cellular, data/cable and IPTV systems.

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