Why HunTel?

Our top priorities are installation, service, and sales of office telecommunications and security equipment. Because of the addition of voice, cloud-based services, security options, fiber optic infrastructure, and a diverse product portfolio, we are now able to provide a full-service business communications solution to our growing clientele.

Key features

Four characteristics that distinguish us from other service providers in this sector. Click on the link to learn more about any of them.

Customer service

Our corporate history spans more than a century and four generations. When E.C. Hunt bought out his partner in the Creighton, Nebraska telephone exchange in 1912, he laid the foundation for HunTel. E.C.’s grandson and two of his great-grandsons are now the owners of HunTel.

Technical expertise

We employ the most knowledgeable technicians you can find. Why do we make this claim? According to our suppliers, a call from one of our professionals is preferential to a call from any other reseller. You can count on us to stay up to date on the latest features available from our products so that we can expertly match them to your specific requirements.

Strong vendor relations

Apart from the fact that Mitel recognizes our team as subject matter experts, we also have a fairly unique relationship with the company. Mitel’s first customer was HunTel. We may not be their largest partner, but we were their first, and Mitel recognizes that. We are not a number in their database but a trusted and valued partner from the beginning of their own corporate story through today.

Locally based

Many vendors will approach you as you evaluate products for your company’s requirements. However, you will almost never have the opportunity to shake the owner’s hand.

While evaluating vendors in order to select your preferred partner, keep in mind that many of them will be located in remote locations. HunTel is right in your neighbourhood. The owner of our company lives nearby, and we are active members of our community.

We welcome you into our home. You may meet us at the grocery store, or at the football game. We cannot afford to disappoint you.

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